Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How to prepare for a bushfire

Title: How to prepare for a Disaster (bush-fire)

Introduction: Do you know how to prepare for a bush-fire?

Before a bush-fire
A bush-fire can occur anytime so you need to be ready. I bet you're wondering how to survive through a bush-fire. You need to watch for warning signs like smoke because a fireman won’t come to your door and tell you to leave because that is unlikely to happen.

During a bush-fire

Bush-fires can start suddenly so you need to be prepared to act even if you do not get a warning. Most people wait to be told what to do, expecting a firefighter to knock on their door to tell them to leave which  is highly unlikely to happen. Do not wait for a warning before acting.

After a bush-fire

Look and listen for information on television, radio, the Internet and recorded information lines to find out when an all clear advice has been issued and if it is safe to return home. Firefighters will have been working to cut down dangerous trees and make the area safe, but there may still be some hazards in the area so be alert when you return home. Watch out for downed power lines, fallen trees, low branches and burning debris, and be careful of damaged infrastructure including walls, bridges, roads and footpaths. If you are driving in the fire area you should take extreme caution as emergency services personnel may be continuing their work.

Bush-fires in Australia are frequently  occurring since its very hot and dry climate.


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